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We are located next to the Gaithersburg Airpark runway.

North of Woodfield Road and East of Snouffer School Road.

“Seven years ago I walked into this small CrossFit gym feeling intimidated. Why? I was an introvert and could barely do one pull-up. I wanted to be more comfortable in my skin. The gym seemed so intimidating but that decision to commit to CrossFit was one of the best decisions of my life. Zero regrets. I’ve been blessed with lasting friendships and personal fitness achievements which went beyond my wildest expectations. Now, as the new leader and owner of CrossFit Enforce, my vision is to foster fitness within our community and to make everyone who walks in our doors feel comfortable and achieve their fitness goals.

What’s your why? I would love to hear it and personally meet you. Don’t be shy like me (yes, I still am to a degree). Let’s meet. I have a fantastic community and fitness space waiting for you!”

Lisa Scott

CrossFit Enforce

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